Off-topic, please send to grrltalk (Re: [Techtalk] Anything wrong with this)

Mary mary-linuxchix at
Tue Jul 19 10:32:43 EST 2005

On Mon, Jul 18, 2005, ramana wrote:
> I know here some good writers.
> Please let me know anything wrong with this.
> The story of landlord and thief

Unfortunately, this is a technical Q & A and discussion list, and your
request is off-topic.

Can you send it to grrltalk at instead? You may also want
ask for particular areas in which you want feedback. Do you want style
checks, checks on things like spelling and grammer?

Can anyone else who replies please send mail to grrltalk and ramana (in
case she isn't on grrltalk) please, rather than to techtalk?


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