[Techtalk] Does anyone use emacs for email?

Angelina Carlton brat at magma.ca
Mon Jul 4 12:33:26 EST 2005

On Sun, Jul 03, 2005 at 05:36:13PM -0700, Cynthia Kiser wrote:
> > I do not wish to have to run mutt to access my old mail, I would like
> > gnus to see my old mail and it will be easier to forget mutt :-)
> OK now I need to ask, why are you dumping mutt for gnus. I switched to
> mutt when I couldn't make elm handle PGP gracefully and have never
> looked back. Mutt fires up emacs when I need to compose mail so,
> though I do most everything else in emacs, I have never really
> considered using it as my email client.

I want to try to do as much as I can within emacs, the more I use it
the more I discover new things. 

My switch from vim to emacs was not
easy at first, but suddenly I was doing things with far better
efficiency within emacs than with vim. (YMMV)

So with email, in mutt, I choose to reply to someone, then have to
jump to the emacs window, write my reply then go back and confirm and
send. If I need to correct something, I have to repeat that. 

I realize that its not going to gain me much but still its at least
worth trying. 

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