[Techtalk] Does anyone use emacs for email?

Angelina Carlton brat at magma.ca
Mon Jul 4 06:18:56 EST 2005

On Sun, Jul 03, 2005 at 12:52:59AM +0100, David Sumbler wrote:

> I have also had additional help via the newsgroup gnu.emacs.gnus .

Yes I am trying to set that up now, ive got a basic .gnus.el file and
am managing to connect to the server and got a list of the default

Really I only want mail so will look at skipping the news part once
the mail is setup. God knows mailinglists provide me with enough to
read as it is. :-)
> Previously I was using Pine as my mail/news client.  Gnus is about
> 1,000 times better.  I love it.

Well I am sure I will too once I get this done!
> Give it a go.  I'll be any help I can, but you can get plenty of
> /expert/ help on gnu.emacs.gnus, as I mentioned above.  As I said, I
> am no expert.
> It's probably a help with Gnus if you have some knowledge of Lisp.  My
> knowledge is very basic though, and you can do quite a lot without
> really understanding Lisp at all.

Yeah the Lisp stuff is totally alien to me but its not to bad to
follow something someone else has wrote and adjust it for myself.

Anyway once a get a respectical gnus.el I will post and you can see if
it is ok?

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