[Techtalk] Mac OSX and the gimp

Sue Stones suzo at spin.net.au
Sat Jul 2 23:03:40 EST 2005


I was trying to help a friend install the GIMP on his Mac OS X, over the 
phone, and never having used OSX myself and I came across a problem.  I 
am hoping there may be some people that are familiar with it that could 
help out.

We downloaded source files and uncompressed them without any problems, 
then he found a terminal window, but attempting to "./configure" brought 
us problems.  There appears to be no c-compiler, or awk, and no doubt 
other tools that are needed for the install process.  Searching on the 
internet I found a brief reference saying it needed "X11 terminal" 

I have been unable to find a download, or mention of an "X11 terminal", 
and I am not sure that I am looking for the right thing as we were 
clearly able to open a terminal window which appeared put us into a bash sh.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or know what is needed to 
compile programs on Mac OSX.



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