[Techtalk] PHP / MySql and fat queries

kproot at nerim.net kproot at nerim.net
Tue Feb 8 00:32:42 EST 2005


   I am in charge of maintaining a web app at work and those days the
MySql queries have become huge. This was no problem on my test server
as everything is local, I was getting results in seconds, but on the
production server it turned out unusable. The main search form of the
app cannot be used anymore, unless you choose a lot of criterias so
there will not be too many results. If you don't, you don't get
anything. I checked the html output and it just stops where the results
should begin to appear - it's like something is dying there as I don't
see the end of the output (like </body></html>).
   So, does anyone know what exactly is happening, and if there is an
option somewhere to avoid this? (like a numeric value of max rows to be
returned by mysql, or whatever...)


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