[Techtalk] Dell Inspiron 6000

adam oz_prophet at internode.on.net
Thu Feb 3 04:10:32 EST 2005

> Hi!
> I'm thinking of buying a Dell laptop, the Inspiron 6000.
> Does anyone know how the Linux compatibility is for this
> chipset:
> Intel® CentrinoTM  Mobile Technology: Intel®
Pentium® M
> Processor 770 (2,13GHz, 2MB L2-cache, 533MHz front side
> bus) and Intel®  Pro/Wireless 2100 (802.11b) wlan or
> Mobile Intel® Celeron® M Processor 350 (1,30GHz, 1MB
> L2-cache, 400MHz front side bus) and Intel®  915PM- or
> 915GM-chipset
> Does anyone have any other recommendations?
> /Tiera

I've got (well, mostly, in for repairs of the fan) a
centrino laptop, the in-kernel support covered everything
except the wireless (http://ipw2100.sf.net does that, it's
not in-kernel yet, and is still beta).
if you don't need wireless or can risk it not working right,
then you shouldn't have issues.
note that it's probably a different chipset that i have, but
the kernel config has options for different version above
and below, so i expect what yours has will be supported too
(play around with the kernel config program to see what it
covers if you like)



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