[Techtalk] Software Consultant Billing Question

Mike cj at 4x4specialty.com
Wed Feb 2 04:10:09 EST 2005

I do the same thing as you. If you are on call, then you need to negotiate
some kind of base pay for your time. If you are on call, then figure out
what it is worth, then charge accordingly. If you are on call for say 40
hours, then figure what it is worth to you, and suggest a base pay.
 I work on a on call basis, but I don't charge anything for it, because I
have set hours that I am on call, then when I get called I make
appointments. If a client wants me to be on call to be accessible to put
fires out right away, like if they are testing something, and I have to
be available then I charge my time, because I wouldn't be able to do
anything else. So far I haven't had any problems. If your client wants
you to be on call, and you have to respond to them right away make sure
that you put everything in a contract and make them sign it.

Does this make sense?

> I have a support contract with a client where I'm suppose to bill for
> the actual hours worked. The problem is that even if there is nothing to
> bill against in a day I still have spent time being on-call and checking
> email. As a consultant, how do I bill for that time? Any
> suggestions is much appreciated.
> --Tricia
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