[Techtalk] web content management recommendations

Dan dan at cellectivity.com
Sat Apr 9 01:04:16 EST 2005

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I didn't realize there were so 
many CMF/CMS out there!

I'm not actually looking for anything complicated: just something that 
avoids having to copy-and-paste slabs of HTML every time we make a 
change to the site layout. Of course, as soon as you start separating 
the stuff that changes from the boilerplate stuff, you'll want to be 
able to preview the page before uploading it, and then it just snowballs 
from there. It's a shame that there isn't a less processor-intensive 
solution, but I guess you really have to have a full-featured system if 
you want a non-programmer to be able to update the content easily.

 > If your pages are not standards based,
 > well, yes, you'll have to create new templates - that's why it's
 > cheaper in the long run to build sites that are standards-based

I agree, and I'm big on standards compliance too.

   In 1985, researchers had FDA approval to test anti-AIDS drug AZT
   on humans, but not to test absorption of an oral pill. Because a
   pill was much more practical than injections, the scientists bent
   the rules and performed absorption tests -- on themselves.

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