[Techtalk] Perl/Python textbooks.

fenchurch at exorsus.net fenchurch at exorsus.net
Fri Apr 1 13:27:43 EST 2005

I've decided to go with Python for the moment, mostly the reasons Dan
gave. A friend of mine also pointed out that it would be more useful if I
could read my own code a couple of months down the track, which I am
unlikely to be able to do with Perl.

Haven't done much so far: installed it, fiddled with it, wrote Hello World
in vim, and then installed SPE (GUI editor), as vim and I don't get on too
well. Will probably end up reading the Perl lessons anyway.

Thanks very much to everyone for all your help.

> On Thursday 31 Mar 2005 3:03 pm, Dan wrote:
> I recommend starting with Python, because it enforces good coding
practice. Perl allows you more freedom and is closer to a natural
language, but more choice isn't necessarily a good thing for a
> beginner who doesn't know how to choose well.

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