[Techtalk] Politeness and the purpose of Techtalk

Listpig listpig at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 31 10:47:58 EST 2004

OK, this may be a major point of confusion, specifically.  It's been
clarified on the other list but not here:  the "send male newbies?" answer
was meant to be read as "since we're trying to work out something here, just
now might not be a good time to send male newbies, because it will be very
confusing to them", not as "we're thinking about locking the door and
banning new men."


On 10/30/04 5:51 PM, "gebhard dettmar"
<gebhard.dettmar at student.hu-berlin.de> wrote:

> But, as I said above, I understood the matter
> being discussed here in a different way: rude, insulting postings --> no
> more male newbies here --> David' 

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