[Techtalk] Politeness and the purpose of Techtalk

Elena Bevell elena.bevell at myrealbox.com
Sat Oct 30 17:35:46 EST 2004

On Wednesday 27 October 2004 02:00 pm, Val Henson wrote:
> 2. The primary purpose of Techtalk and all the other LinuxChix lists
> is *not* to provide technical answers.  If you want the best answer 
> your problem, there are lots of other lists that are a better place 
> ask.  However, if you want a polite and friendly answer with
> information on how to learn more in a woman-friendly environment, 
> ask on a LinuxChix list.  No matter how good or fast or complete 
> answer is, it *must* be polite, supportive, and woman-friendly.  If
> you can't do this, then don't post.  No exceptions.

I must respectfully disagee with part of what you said. 
I have found the best answers to technical questions here on techtalk 
on numerous occasions,
questions of friendly-ness aside - I find that rude posturing does not 
*ever* answer the question.

I am a long time lurker, infrequent poster, but I follow the 
discussions on this list every day and learn from them.  

I believe that information on how to learn more is ultimately
much more useful than just an answer to an isolated question.

Thanks to you all; I'm very happy to spend this time with you.


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