[Techtalk] Politeness and the purpose of Techtalk

Val Henson val.henson at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 07:00:52 EST 2004

<list admin hat on>


I've received several complaints about emails on this list being
insulting, arrogant, or rude.  As a list admin, I have several things
to say about this:

1. If someone is bugging you on the list, and it's causing you not to
read the list or unsubscribe, then tell the list admins!  The admins
tend to be very thick-skinned and busy, and we won't notice that women
are quietly leaving the list unless you tell us that you are.

2. The primary purpose of Techtalk and all the other LinuxChix lists
is *not* to provide technical answers.  If you want the best answer to
your problem, there are lots of other lists that are a better place to
ask.  However, if you want a polite and friendly answer with
information on how to learn more in a woman-friendly environment, you
ask on a LinuxChix list.  No matter how good or fast or complete your
answer is, it *must* be polite, supportive, and woman-friendly.  If
you can't do this, then don't post.  No exceptions.

3. Don't dominate the list.  If you answer questions a lot, please
wait a day or two before answering a question to give other people on
the list a chance to answer.  This is similar to not answering all the
questions asked by a teacher in a class, or not dominating the
conversation at dinner.  It's just polite.

The list admins will try to do a better job of paying attention to
what's going on in the list.  In return, we ask you to tell us when
something is bothering you.  If you know someone who has left the list
for reasons of politeness, please invite them to come back!  We miss
you gals!

Have fun with your Linux box(es),

- A Techtalk admin

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