[Techtalk] I want to recompile a debian package installed with apt, possible?

aec brat at magma.ca
Thu Oct 28 06:51:54 EST 2004


  For the most part I try to to keep my Debian sid desktop under apt's
  control, currently none of the packages installed are from outside
  the debian repository. 

  My motto has been, if its not in Debain yet, use something else.

  Sometimes however I would like to change some setting in a package;
  for example, urxvt-unicode has a compile time option --enable-frills
  which will let you control borders on the terminal, I would like to
  make apt(or dpkg) download the source code, allow me to set whatever
  configure oftions Id like, then it compiles the package, builds a
  .deb and install it.

  This makes for a clean installed package that apt knows about and I
  dont have to worry about removing/upgrading etc.

  I suppose some issues would arise if I were to dist-upgrade, but as
  its only one package I could repeat this process whenever a newer
  version makes its way into sid? 

  I have:
  deb http://debian.yorku.ca/debian/ unstable main non-free contrib
  deb-src http://debian.yorku.ca/debian/ unstable main non-free

  in my sources list so I can at least down load the sources, but Im 
  not sure how to make the deb? 


Angelina Carlton

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