[Techtalk] KDE sound files location

Andrea Landaker qirien at icecavern.net
Sun Oct 24 00:21:25 EST 2004

> You know those anoying little sounds KDE
> uses to notify the user of things like opening
> a new window, or closing a window, or whatever;
> I was wondering where in the file system they
> are located?  Does anyone know?
> I've been looking all over for them. I can't
> use the find command becasue I don't know
> what any of those noise files are called.
> Where are those pesky little rodents?
> No, I don't want to destroy them. I just want
> to take a look at them with a sound editor.

First, to change your system sounds, you use KControl under Sound & Multimedia 
-> System Notifications.  From the drop down box at the top you can select 
which application's sounds you want to change -- most of the generic 
interface sounds are under "KDE System Notifications".  At the bottom it will 
show you the name of the current sound being used and allow you to change it.

On my Debian system, the sounds are located in /usr/share/sounds (if you're 
using any old kthemes, though, they might be under ~/.kde/share/sounds/)

Andrea Landaker

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