Java-based LDAP client (was: [Techtalk] Re: [Newchix] OpenLDAP Client configuration???? no clue)

Dominik Schramm dominik.schramm at
Sat Oct 23 08:29:46 EST 2004

Hi list,

Devdas Bhagat <devdas at> writes:

> My favorite tool is the Java based LDAP browser at
> .

might I add that there is a great alternative to LDAP Browser/Editor,
just in case this program doesn't work the way it should.

It's called JXplorer, its homepage is at

problems with LDAP Browser/Editor that I encountered or that I
consider critical:

* LDAP Browser/Editor is not developed further any more, and I did
  encounter some bugs (e.g. it used to delete arbitrary branches
  from time to time when working with IBM Tivoli Directory Server)
  The latest version is from April 2001.

* I couldn't get information on the software licence until -- well:
  today. I was looking for this information several months ago, but
  the "Argonne Software Shop" site was down or corrupt.
  Now shows me that
  LDAP Browser/Editor is not free at all

The advantages of JXplorer are:

* It's open source

* It's actively development (on sourceforge)
  The latest version is from November 2003 -- yeah well...

* It has a "pretty" view (html) and a table view for viewing and 

* SSL client certificates are supported (don't know about this with
  LDAP Browser/Editor)


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