[Techtalk] access to intranet over ssh?

Caroline Johnston johnston at biochemistry.ucl.ac.uk
Sat Oct 23 00:17:00 EST 2004

Hi list,

I have some cgi scripts on my machine at work (RH9). What is the best way 
to get access to these from outside? 

I have vnc tunnelled over ssh, so I can just run a browser on the work
machine, but it's kinda slow. 

I thought it would be possible to get my browser to tunnel requests
through ssh, but I'm having problems getting it working. I'm using putty
on WinXP and, following the advice of various webpages (and not entirely
understanding what I'm doing) have set up a connection to a machine I have 
access to at work and got it to forward stuff to my_machine:80 from local 
port XXXX. Now I can access some pages via 

The problem is that if any of the scripts use full urls in links etc,
these pages get accessed directly instead of through the tunnel and it
breaks. I guess I could go and make all the links relative in all my
scripts but there must be a better way of solving this? Googling just gave
me a vague idea that I needed to do something involving proxy servers and
my browser, but at this point my tenuous grip on networks, servers and
port forwarding finally snapped and I have no idea how to make this work.  
Could anyone explain it to me in technology-illiterate-biologist terms?  
Or point me to an easy to understand how-to?

Many thanks,


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