Mapping the real world to the Internet (Was Re: [Techtalk] 216 ssh login attempts, what to do?)

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Wed Oct 13 13:54:56 EST 2004

Which is just one of the reasons (deep lawyer-paying pockets is another) why
there's more interest in folks who hack big corporations than folks who hack
individuals--provable economic damage.

The law is perpetually behind the times, visibly so in the fast changing
world of computers and networking. I think there's still an unspoken
presumption that no *real* damage is done by hacking a home computer as long
as there's no hardware damage.  Yeah, you might have to reformat/reinstall
and lose everything on there, but nobody does anything with a computer in
their home but play games and email Aunt Sally, right?



On 10/13/04 13:33, "Devdas Bhagat" <devdas at> wrote:

> From another point of view, proving the costs of physical damage is far
> easier than proving the damage done by breaking into an electronic
> system which is not as fully integrated into the lives of the general
> populace as physical things are. 

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