[Techtalk] url port forward?

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Fri Oct 1 16:59:16 EST 2004

overhaul wrote:
> my husband tried to sell me on this idea but I couldn't see how it would 
> work.   For some reason I couldn't see how it would work if I wasn't 
> running apache at point B I have a couple workstations in location B but 
> I have to ssh thru a checkpoint first before getting to it.

ssh and apache aren't related, you don't need one to use the other.  the 
ssh tunnel method certainly confused me initially, too - it took me 
about 6 months actually until I really understood what was going on - I 
wasn't Mucking About with it then, though, it was set up for me and I 
just used it.  Lately I've done the Mucking About and it kind of came 

Certainly your situation might be such that setting up apache for a 
reverse proxy (if I'm reading Almut's post right and using the correct 
term!) is actually easier, or better for some other reason.  I've not 
used that so can't compare the two.

If you're interested in trying the tunnel and want more detailed help, 
feel free to contact me directly. :)


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