[Techtalk] Trouble with DVD

Linda Y. Kuo illini.engineer at att.net
Fri Dec 31 08:53:03 EST 2004

> Unless there's a physical way I can tell from the disk itself (it has
> a label, so I can only see the underside of the "natural" disk) I
> can't tell you.
too bad;
most purists on the DVD forums say that it is not a good
thing to put labels on DVDs so most don't

> It's a little alarming that 3 DVD drives, an XBox and at least one
> normal player have that inability. :( I'm unlikely to get hold of
> someone with a writer in the near future, I guess I'll see...
> I can be reasonably certain there's *one* writer that can read it --
> the one that produced it :(
It is frustrating for sure. 

The earliest DVD drives read DVD-ROM only. These are the store-bought DVDs.
If you have these early drives then they will not be able to read any
+/-R or +/-RW disks.

The ability of a normal DVD player to read +/-R or +/-RW disks is also
spotty unless you have a recent one ie one that's less than a year old or so.
My DVD player can only play -R and not the others.

I have a drive that reads all four formats plus DVD-RAM.
I'd be happy to help you out. Not sure how you feel about parting with the DVD.


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