[Techtalk] Trouble with DVD

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Thu Dec 30 15:09:22 EST 2004

On Thu, Dec 30, 2004, Adam Ingerman wrote:
> I'd say it's probably not a regional issue, that only comes into play when 
> viewing the video files. You should still be able to mount an out-of-region 
> DVD, just not view all the files on it without decoding.
> However, if you're immediately trying to view as video and this is not 
> suceeding, it may be a regional issue (trying to view the encrypted data 
> from a shell will give errors (though immediately, not a timeout)). Try 
> mounting the disk to make sure.

We can't -- the kernel can't read it at all, which makes it impossible
to mount because it can't ascertain the filesystem.

> Also, I would think a DVD not made by a movie company would be unlikely to 
> be region encrypted. I'm not sure of the DVD (re)write issues, but I know 
> that some CD-ROMs and most audio CD players would have big issues with a 
> burnt CD that wasn't closed (or in some cases, even the ones burnt in 
> several sessions). If your computer has a DVD writer then I'd doubt this is 
> the issue, but if it's a DVD-ROM (and especially an older one) this may be 
> a problem.

OK, thanks. We don't have DVD writers on our machines unfortunately.


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