[Techtalk] mythtv issue

Cynthia Kiser cnk at ugcs.caltech.edu
Sun Dec 19 13:51:25 EST 2004

Quoting Rudy Zijlstra <rudy at edsons.demon.nl>:
> >On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 16:34:22 -0600
> >Christine Bussman <olearyck at parpiped.geek-den.net> wrote:
> >>can restart mythbackend (a daemon in init.d) automatically if it has 
> >>stopped, I would really apreciate it.
> >
> >I think the clean way is with /etc/inittab to start the daemon at the 
> >runlevels
> >where you want it alive, the option 'respawn' makes sure the daemon 
> >restarts
> >if he dies.
> >
> This will not work, as mythbackend is dependent on mysql running. And 
> mysql is not yet running at that time.

How about trying supervise with a run script that checks to see if the
mysql database is up and responding to the myth db user?

Cynthia N. Kiser
cnk at ugcs.caltech.edu

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