[Techtalk] Nforce A7N8X motherboard forgets clock multiplier on reboot

Dana Sibera dana at danamania.com
Sat Dec 4 19:42:02 EST 2004

On 04/12/2004, at 2:19 PM, Mary wrote:

> However, the real problem is that when this hang occurs, the BIOS
> forgets the clock multiplier: after the memory check part of startup
> (which completes without error although it reduces the memory speed to
> 100 MHz) it immediately gives an error message about not knowing the 
> speed. Entering the BIOS and exiting it without any changes fixes the
> problem as does setting the multiplier to 11x by hand.

I have a very similar motherboard - an A7n8x-x, a cheaper & less 
spec-ful version, and haven't come across behaviour like that. Apart 
from needing a bit of initial prodding to work with Debian it's been as 
stable as I'd want.

The bit about entering the bios and exiting it without changes makes me 
think perhaps the bios side of the motherboard itself may be falling 
over from time to time - and being such a core part of the machine just 
bringing down everything with it. PC Hardware isn't my forté though, so 
that's little more than a guess, and I wouldn't know how to test for 
those problems either.


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