[Techtalk] i386 or i686?

Jeannette jcv at hise.org
Thu Oct 30 09:08:38 EST 2003

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003, Hamster wrote:

> i386 files work with i386 and everything above.
> i486 files work with 486 and above (ie NOT 386)
> i586 works with 586 and above (ie NOT 386 or 486)

I have to point out an exception to this rule, though. If you are talking
about binaries that link to the kernel, e.g., device drivers, you need to
exactly match the kernel you have installed, or the symbol table entries
won't match up and you will get unresolved symbol errors.

We get tech support calls all the time at work from people who decided to
use the i386 binary on their PIV or Athlon, because "I thought i386
worked with everything".


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