[Techtalk] i386 or i686?

Julie txjulie at austin.rr.com
Thu Oct 30 08:55:47 EST 2003

Dan Richter wrote:
> How do I know whether I need i386 or i686 RPMs? Is it as simple as 
> asking whether I have a Pentium or a Pentium 2/3/4?

Someone else already explained the different numbers.

If you want maximum performance, and are running a modern Pentium,
such as a P3 or P4, go with the i686 RPMs.  If you aren't a speed
freak, aren't sure what CPU you have, or generally find that your
load average, as told by "uptime", is less than 0.5 or so, save
yourself the efforts of tracking down i686 RPMs and just go with
the i386 ones.
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