[Techtalk] MSN IM alternative

Andrea Landaker qirien at icecavern.net
Mon Oct 27 09:51:43 EST 2003

> I looks like Microsoft has finally made good on its promise to lock
> non-MS clients out of MSN Instant Messenger. Does anyone know of a
> Linux-based client that still has access?

Hmm, well, I heard about that, but I still have access using KDE-based kopete 
(http://kopete.sourceforge.net/).  GAIM (Gtk-based) is nice, too (http://
gaim.sourceforge.net/).  According to GAIM's web page, they have supported 
the new protocol for quite some time, so it sounds like MS is just trying to 
scare people into using MSNIM.  :-)

Andrea Landaker

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