[Techtalk] MSN IM alternative

Noir acknak_halflife at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 28 02:51:45 EST 2003

At 11:57 AM 10/27/2003 +0100, Dominik Schramm wrote:
>As an alternative to MSN IM try this one:
>This Tcl/Tk based, latest version has worked for me so far,
>even with the new protocol version,
>and it looks nice (actually, it looks almost exactly like msn messenger,
>except for the lack of advertisements :-) )

I have used amsn/ gaim and gaim-encryption for a long time. But since 
Microsoft does not want any other platform to access their proprietary MSN 
Messenger, it's better to move out to s/t else, e.g. YIM. or alternatively 
go to: http://sourceforcge.net and have a look.


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