[Techtalk] OpenOffice label font help

Dominik Schramm dominik.schramm at gmxpro.net
Fri Oct 24 14:58:45 EST 2003

Hi all,

Carla Schroder wrote:

>I'm using File - New - Label to make labels in OO 1.1. Anyone know how to 
>change the font? It uses Times 12. I don't want Times 12. Yes I can edit each 
>fricken label individually, I don't want to do that. (It's been suggested to 
>me about 15 times now, and I don't want to hear it again)
Just tried out the following because I was personally interested:

* Create a new label
* Format it according to your taste, e.g. change the font/size
* File --> Templates --> Save
* Give it a name and folder --> Ok

Then you can create a label from this new template by using
File --> New --> Templates and Documents --> double-click your templ.

I tried making this new template the default
(in File --> Templates --> Organize --> set as default template)
but then every new "Text document" looks like a label.
This is because you define "default template" for the whole file 
type (Writer), to which both labels and ordinary text documents

>I think if I can change the default font in OO Writer that will work, but I 
>can't even figure out how to do that.
This is done for each document type under
Tools --> Options --> (document type) --> Basic fonts

btw. I'm using OO 1.1 final.

For all these things I find the online help of oo pretty good.
It used to contain almost no useful information but for quite
some time now I have also found what I was looking for in there.

hope this helps

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