[Techtalk] Bursting or bulging capacitors :o

Tracey Grrl Geek grrliegeek at elenari.net
Wed Oct 22 16:41:21 EST 2003


Thanks for the information on capacitor failures and the safety tips.
This time, I didn't have to replace any caps myself, thank goodness. If
it ever comes down to that tho, I'll keep your advice handy.

And it was said by Alvin Goats-->
> Capacitors store a lot of energy, so when they fail catastrophically,
> they release all of that energy at once. The energy on the LARGE
> capacitors is often equal to several sticks of dynamite, hence the
> amount of damage done and the very loud "boom" coming from them.

Oh no! We all have explosive devices in our houses, we must all be

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