[Techtalk] Web page downloads with null characters

Dan Richter daniel.richter at wimba.com
Tue Oct 21 19:58:41 EST 2003

I'm big on following standards, so I like the W3C.

This page:
seems to look fine under Windows, but on my Red Hat machine it downloads 
with null characters (character zero) inserted between every two 
characters. This is true whether I use Mozilla, Konqueror or wget.

Can anyone tell me where the problem is?

The purpose isn't really to allow me to read the page, but rather to 
know where to submit the bug report.

   In 1750, Ben Franklin got a bill to transport "grains" through the
   Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The House had many pacifist
   quakers, who didn't read the bill carefully enough to see that it
   was for the transport of grains of gunpowder to fight the Indians!

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