[Techtalk] Got Pan Running - New Problem

TechChiq techchiq at hotpop.com
Mon Oct 20 22:41:14 EST 2003

First I want to thank Dominik Schramm, Mandi and Travis Casey for
helping me get Pan running. It's working fine now. :)

However, I have a little problem... When I download headers I can't
figure out how to tell which headers have attachments and which don't.
Then I have to right click on the header and use "Save Attachment" or
"Save Attachment As..." to save it instead of just viewing it within Pan
or launcing an external viewer for graphics files.

Is there any way to fix these issues? Or is there another newsreader I
can use that:

1. Allows downloading of messages for offline reading
2. Allows me to see attachments (ie. images or a link to load the images
3. Lets me keep the group, header and body views separate (ie. not click
on a header and automatically view the body below it- that way for
security reasons I can see the header first before I decide if I want to
see the body of the message or not. 

The last is useful because on dial-up I can download all new messages in
a low-traffic group and decide later if I want to open them or not...
some might have attachments (such as a script or something in a .zip
file) and maybe I wouldn't have a need for the script. Or something. :)

If anyone has suggestions/help, it'd be appreciated. :) I've tried Kmail
and it doesn't let me download offline, plus isn't as easy to use.

Linux User # 331707 Machine # 216034 (http://counter.li.org)
Pink Tie 9 (RH9 clone), Kernel 2.4.20-6, KDE 3.1, Wine 20030911
Win98SE (dual-boot)

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