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Since you've already got Linksys, check out these models from Linksys

WAP11 (11 Mbps / 802.11b)
WAP51A+B (11/54 Mbps / 802.11a+b)
WAP54A (54 Mbps / 802.11a)
WAP54G (54 Mbps / 802.11g)
WAP55A+G (11/54 Mbps / 802.11a+b+g)

These are all standard wireless access points that you can connect directly
to your existing Linksys router.

What do all those numbers and letters mean?

There are currently three standards available for wireless LAN connectivity.
The most mature is 802.11b.  These networks operate at 2.4GHz and provide up
to 11 Mbps of throughput.  Range can be up to 300m in optimal conditions,
but is almost always less.

The second standard is 802.11a.  These networks operate at 5Ghz and provide
up to 54 Mbps of throughput.  The most significant difference is in range,
with the 802.11a range being much shorter than 802.11a/g.

The third standard is 802.11g.  These networks operate at 2.4GHz and provide
up to 54 Mbps of throughput.  The range is better with 802.11g because of
the lower frequency.

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> I'm looking for general information.  We have a dual-boot clamshell
> iBook (OS X and Yellow Dog 3).  We have a hard wired home LAN.  We'd
> like wireless access into the LAN so we can wander about the house with
> the iBook, surfing the web and accessing network shares and etc.  We
> already have a 8 port Linksys DSL router.  We don't *need* a full
> wireless DSL router, just access for one computer.
> What equipment do we need?  Is there something that will just plug into
> one of our router ports and allow a wireless card in the iBook to talk
> to the network?  Googling is useless because I don't know what I'm
> looking for!
> Any help is greatly appreciated,
> Beth
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