[Techtalk] Mandrake 9.2

Brenda Bell k15a-list-linuxchix at theotherbell.com
Sat Oct 18 12:00:13 EST 2003

Quoting Hamster <hamster at hamsternet.org>:

> I'm running it. What did you want to know?

I'll explain... I've had a love/hate relationship as far as Drake releases
go -- 7.0 was a little flaky, 7.1 was great, 8.1 was a little flaky, 8.2
was great.  I'm in the middle of building a new box with 9.1 which appears
to be pretty good, but trying to decide whether I should do 9.2 instead
since this box isn't yet running in production mode.  Final configuration
will include Apache2, qmail and general network services (smb, dhcp, ntp, ssh).

That said... just wondering whether there was anything that struck you as
being particularly bad (or good) and whether you had any install issues. 
My hardware is pretty standard (server-grade brand-name stuff, no weird
end-user devices) so I've historically had great results with the .2 releases.


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