[Techtalk] "Unable to create the file" WINE problem

TechChiq techchiq at hotpop.com
Fri Oct 17 03:55:01 EST 2003

I'm trying to get Paint Shop Pro 8 working in WINE 20030911 version for
i386 - and I used the RPM. Wine does work fine (no rhyme intended ;) and I
can use some other programs in it just fine. But PSP 8 is a bit of a
stickler to try and get going.

Paint Shop Pro 8 makes use of Python 2.2 for it's scripting, which is pretty
much how PSP works. I've got filters, tubes, scrpts, and tons of gradients,
etc. that would take me too long to port to GIMP (and even then probably
can't be all done, esp. the gradients). So I would like to have PSP 8
working in Linux somehow.

What I'm getting is, every time the program finishes completing a plugin
filter or effect, a message would come up saying "Unable to create the
file." - now I posted at forums.jasc.com in the General forums (newsreader:
forums.jasc.com as well) in the General category and hope that Jasc would
entertain an idea of what file PSP might be trying to write and where, so I
can at least figure if I need to set permissions or what.

Another thing is I asked in another thread if they'd be willing to port
Paint Shop Pro 8 to Linux. They didn't get a chance to answer but what
people were coming along saying that Linux isn't mainstream, nobody would
want it (PSP) on Linux, etc. No flaming or anything (these are cool folks :)
but they are pretty convinced Windows is the ONLY way to go and Jasc
couldn't possibly sell PSP to the Linux community (I pointed out how much
Red Hat costs and what a job Lindows is! LOL!) Jasc's PSP is about $99 -
$120, which is not bad, considering it is easy to use and LOADED with
features, including python scripting. I like the MDI interface better too.
GIMP is nice, but doesn't have much with it "out of the box" for things like
photo editing, (like Jasc's special filters and red eye removal effects,
etc.) Plus the points I made above about trying to convert all my PSP files
over to GIMP. :(

If anyone here is into graphics and would think it would be a nice idea for
Jasc to make a Linux PSP (would show Linux is more "mainstream" than some
would think, too :) it would be nice to visit their forum (mentioned the
URLs above) and let them know...

And if you rather "commercial" software stay away from Linux, please tell me
though how I would go about porting thousands of resources from PSP to Gimp?
Also I have some nice Vector images in PSP - GIMP doesn't do vector
graphics. :(

I think PSP would be at least useable if I could figure out that "unable to
write to file" thing. :/ Ideas??

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