[Techtalk] Running modified Knoppix on firewall/server?

Cindy Wong linuxchix.techtalk at ckpwong.letterboxes.org
Thu Oct 16 11:35:46 EST 2003


I've been considering running a customized Knoppix on my server (which
also acts as a firewall) to save some hard drive space for my web site,
and I have come up with the following questions:

1) Has anyone done that before?  I would like a solid firewall since the
box connects directly to the cable modem, which is being hit by various
Windows worms (even Code Red) constantly, for heaven's sake.  On the
server side, I'm planning to put Apache + Tomcat + JBoss + PHP for web,
mySQL or postgreSQL for database, plus SMTP (postfix) POP3 (undecided)
IMAP (undecided), as well as SSH.  All data will be stored on the hard
drive instead of CD.

2) Are there any reason *not* to run live CD distro in my case, other
than being more difficult to apply security patches?

3) What other software should I consider?


  Cindy Wong
  ckpwong letterboxes org

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