[Techtalk] Slackware X and an MX440 w/ dual head videocard

Jennifer Davis davi0302 at algonquinc.on.ca
Wed Oct 8 22:57:53 EST 2003


I was wondering if there are any tricks out there to make my dual
headed MX440 work with X?  I have a Slackware 9.1 installation with the
default version of X on it.  I think it's 4.3???  I know the hardware is
good as I have tested it with a different OS.  The other peripherals are
pretty straight-forward.  I have a PS/2 Logitech scroll mouse and an IBM
Model M keyboard (with a AT/XT to PS/2 adapter) in a US English layout.

What else?  Oh, the motherboard is an ECS K7S5A with a 1GHz Duron
processor on it, though that may not be relevant.  Any help would be

Jennifer S. Davis
Computer Programming, 1st year
Algonquin College
davi0302 at algonquinc.on.ca

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