[Techtalk] slackware on laptops

distantnorth at netscape.net distantnorth at netscape.net
Tue Oct 7 09:40:49 EST 2003

iriXx <dev_null at iriXx.org> wrote:


>worked out i've got a kernel conflict between ltmodem.o built with 
>2.2.10 and my kernel 2.4.20 - or at least thats whats being reported 

When I had a Thinkpad at work with a Lucent Winmoddem I learned I had to absolutely, positively have a version of the driver built for the version of the kernel I was running.  I was running Red Hat 8 at the time and when kernel patches or updated versions came out I had to defer installing them until new Lucent Linmodem drivers came out.  I suspect Slackware is no different.

>i'm not sure where i can get a more recent ltmodem.o


>still, im impressed with slackware so far - nice and compact, and pretty 
>much everything else works (most importantly my wifi card)

I really like a Slackware based distro called Vector Linux (http://www.vectorlinux.com) which is designed to be lightweight and work
well on smaller, older hardware.  They also have their SoHo version which is designed to be a full-featured distro.

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