[Techtalk] Modem Problem in RH 9

Mohammad Shakir shakirz1 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 5 09:14:47 EST 2003

Dear Friends,

I have installed red hat linux 9, Xeon server with 16GB ram 10 SCSI Hard 
Disk, 4 processors, shiped kernel support only 4gb of ram so I patch kernel 
for big memeory, patch name was kernel-bigmem now its working fine.

But my external modem USR 56k is not working when I dial to my ISP after 30 
sec. its show error status=10 sometimes error status=15.

I thought because I patched new kernel so I am facing this problem, so I 
installed red hat linux 9 on another system and installed same modem there 
but the same problem I faced there.

any idea ?

Mohammad Shakir
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Jillani Centre, M.W. Tower, M.A. Jinnah Road,
Karachi, Pakistan.
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