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Depends on what is meant.  Possibly none are the "verb of choice" in

sited: iffy---kind of means "placed" ("put on site"), but it's one of those
backformations that will probably win a dictionary place,
unfortunately---it's kind of equivalent to using "I chaired him" for "I
seated him in a chair," i.e., arbitrarily converting a noun to a verb just
by moving it in the sentence.  The traditional verb for "to be or place on a
site" is "situated."

sighted: "saw, spotted".  "The bug was sighted", however, does bring to mind
more a five foot praying mantis on the expressway rather than a program
bug--program bugs are usually "found" or "spotted" rather than "sighted".

cited: "quoted".  "Clyde's report of new bugs was cited on Ed's page."  If
the example didn't involve quotations, it's still not the correct word.  The
use of cite in the context of getting a traffic ticket ("The officer cited
the driver") carries the implication that what he's citing is actually the
part of the legal code violated.

I suppose one *could* say "We sighted the citing of the bugs on the (web)
site" in the right context......


--pig, part time language curmudgeon

On 10/2/03 10:36 AM, agoats at shared this thought:

>>> Any bugs or holes in the program are usually sited shortly after it is
>>> released
>> I think you mean sighted (as in seen or spotted) rather than sited (placed on
>> site). 
> Technically, "CITED" would be the correct spelling of the word.
> Alvin
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