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distantnorth at netscape.net distantnorth at netscape.net
Thu Oct 2 10:46:42 EST 2003

Hi, Kristen, and everyone else,

Let me join the chorus saying it's an excellent paper.  Well done.  I'll be sharing it with folks at work and elsewhere.  

A few nits to pick, which do not detract from the overall quality of the paper:

In the security section you write:

> Any bugs or holes in the program are usually sited shortly after it is 
> released

I think you mean sighted (as in seen or spotted) rather than sited (placed on site).  

In the table of costs the Red Hat pricing has changed since the report was written.  I am also not sure that the workstation licensing for RHEL 3.0 can be freely distributed across many computers.

I am no longer sure that Red Hat may be the distribution of choice for small business, which is clearly not their target market with RHEL 3.0.  The support model of the free Fedora Core distribution might also not appeal to business.  You may want to consider adding a second business-friendly distribution if you want to update this.

That's about it.  Overall it really does a great job of presenting facts in a balanced way.

All the best,

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