[Techtalk] help! what kind of hack is this?

Carla Schroder carla at bratgrrl.com
Sun May 25 19:46:40 EST 2003

On Sunday 25 May 2003 6:36 pm, Maria Blackmore wrote:
> On Sun, 25 May 2003, Kai MacTane wrote:
> > This is a really weird message. The X-Originating-IP: header is usually a
> > Hotmail thing, although there's no reason anyone else can't use one as
> > well. The IP address listed in that header doesn't have a reverse lookup,
> > but it doesn't match bratgrrl.com's at all.
> It appears to be Bolivian
> > The Return-Path: and Message-ID: headers indicate that this message
> > actually got its start on janus.affordablehost.com, not on bratgrrl.com.
> I have reason to believe that janus.affordablehost.com is the real name of
> the machine that bratgrrl.com resides upon.
> > I think the X-Script-URL: header is probably falsified.
> In my previous email, I have verified this URL.
> As I said, it's probably Carla's host trying to be "helpful"
> It's all good fun, really.
> Maria

Hmmm.... guess I'll have to ask my web host. They are death on any script from 
Matt's archive, so it would be surprising if they are using one, or using any 
kind of formmail script. It does not compute! janus.affordablehost.com is the 
server that hosts bratgrrl.com.

Carla Schroder
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