[Techtalk] Dual Booting YDL on an iBook

Beth Johnson linux.chick at verizon.net
Wed May 14 13:38:07 EST 2003

Hi Guys and Gals,

I have an iBook running OS 10.2.6 right now, that I'd like to install
Yellow Dog Linux 2.3 on and have as a dual-boot with the OSX. Can
someone tell me how to dual-boot this sucker? GRUB and LILO on x86 I can
do, but I'm not familiar with PPC booting other than booting from CD or
getting to the boot options screen with the Options button.

Specifics are:

466 MHz PPC G3
320 MB RAM
14 GB hard drive

I actually already have YDL installed on a partition, but obviously
didn't select the correct place to put the bootloader. I need
confirmation that if I select the first sector of the first partition
(or Mac equivalent) that I'll still be able to boot the Mac to OSX or
wipe the disk if anything drastic occurs.

So what do I need to tell the installer for boot options?

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