[Techtalk] Cisco routers anyone?

James Sutherland jas at spamcop.net
Fri May 9 02:21:29 EST 2003

From: "Mary Wood" <empea at yahoo.com>
> Before I can dive into my first Linux swimming pool,
> we must get the router configured. And there's already
> a snag I hope someone has an easy answer for.
> It's a used Cisco 1700 router. I need to assign it a
> new IP address, as it's currently showing the addy for
> its old home. I'm interfacing through a Window$
> machine, using SecureCRT.
> I'm in global config mode, trying the entry:
> router(config)#ip address 12.345.678.9
> 12.345... being the new ip we want and 255... being
> the subnet.

Is that the actual IP, or did you mask it for email purposes? If the former,
12.345.678.9 is an invalid IP address: each of the four octets must be
between 0 and 255 inclusive.

If you're wanting some private IP address for your internal network, use one
of the spaces reserved by RFC1918:, and That way, you're guaranteed never to conflict with genuine
public Internet addresses; the address you were attempting to use would be
in the AT&T Bell Labs address range, allocated June 1995.

Personally, I use for my router/firewall, and have machines at upwards via DHCP.


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