[Techtalk] Cervix Distro?

Alvin Goats agoats at compuserve.com
Wed May 7 12:28:08 EST 2003

> > As a side note, in that article, immediately following the reference to the
> >
> > Cervix distribution, we see:
> > >On the high-traffic LinuxChix e-mail list "techtalk" -- a place for women
> > >(and some men) to discuss technicalities related to Linux -- gender is
> > >still a hotly debated topic. ...
> Personally, I'm against it.
> Seriously, the author displays ignorance. Techtalk is quite calm and 
> civilized. Issues and Grrl-Talk deal with the hot topics.

I don't know.... there's been the occasional accidental cross post and
forks that transition and move to other lists. Anyone catching this
short burst of non-technical postings could easily be mislead. And many
have been gender related and oft times heated.

Curious that the author appears unaware of Rear Admiral Grace M. Hopper
as a hacker elite, from the starting days of computing. The author seems
to perpetuate the myth of few women in computing or being able to hack
together an OS, programming language or hardware interfaces, even though
the author appears to be female (the name of the author). Or was the
writer trying to focus on women in the gray and illegal computer
cracking world?

As for the young guys.... transitioning from their games into something
more akin to programming and real-life computer work, they lack any real
idea of whether women even exist in the world or not. They're reactions
are more like Neo to discovering that Trinity is female in "The Matrix".
Disbelief, some immediate confusion "Trinity. THE Trinity, the guy that
cracked the IRS database?" ;)

Back in the days of yore, when I took WATFIV in college, there were
women in the class, my sisters took Cobol, so I KNOW women exist out
there and are quite capable. I've worked with quite a few over the
years, but the young 'bucks' have been too busy with the latest game and
are totally ignorant of knowing anything different. The older guys have
experience and KNOW that women are all over the place in computing. THEY
know about Admiral Hopper. ;)

Now, much like the aforementioned 'forks', perhaps further discussion is
more appropriate in grrltalk?


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