[Techtalk] ATA RAID on Debian

Rudy L. Zijlstra rudy at edsons.demon.nl
Wed May 7 09:20:11 EST 2003

jennyw wrote:

>Just wondering if anyone has positive experiences with hardware RAID on 
>Debian.  In particular, I'm looking for something with low complexity in 
>terms of recovery ...
Does not matter on what distro. What do you want to do?

>I saw a post on Usenet that says Arco IDE has a good driverless solution 
>(I've never been entirely sure why HW RAID would require software 
A RAID controller generally has more features / error messages than just 
a plain controller. Things  like:
- are all the disks still functioning?
- if one is down, which one is that, and which of my RAID volumes is now 
running in degraded mode?
- a possiblity to start resync after you have replaced broken hardware
- Often the controller can do sanity checks on the RAID volumes, you 
want to shedule those at times that suit you

> where the array shows up as an IDE disk.  I've also heard good 
>things about 3ware, but haven't heard too much on details (experience 
>and installation).
My experience is with SCSI RAID, so no comments.



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