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kim dang kim_dang1 at yahoo.com
Sat May 3 21:47:50 EST 2003

thank you for all your suggestions. Yes, I can set up
the ftp server on the actual server that is directly
connected to the DSL and not behind the firewall so it
shouldnt be extra complicated. and i will look into
the SSL thing.


--- Rasjid Wilcox <rasjidw at openminddev.net> wrote:
> Kim,
> So what you want is that users are unable to
> (easily) discover the names of 
> other users on the system.  For what you want, my
> SFTP solution will not 
> work, since users can still traverse up into /home
> and see the names of other 
> users.
> I suspect that this is very hard if you are giving
> someone shell access, but 
> should be possible if you are just giving FTP
> access.  So, I would agree with 
> Maria, you are really after a ftp-server, and having
> spent a little time 
> configuring proftpd, I would recommend it as being
> easy to configure.  I 
> believe it also seen as fairly secure whilst still
> maintaining flexability.
> The proftpd site has lots of good info, including a
> doc on configuring FTP 
> over SSH.  
> The key question is whether your ftp server is
> behind a firewall doing NAT or 
> has a public IP address.
> From a quick look at the docs, if your server has
> its own public IP address, 
> then you should be able to set up SSL/TLS support
> with proftpd.  I think it 
> gets much harder if your ftp server is behind a NAT
> firewall.  In this case, 
> you may need an ftp proxy, but ftp proxies that
> support ssl/tls seem to be a 
> bit thin on the ground.
> A good place to start of the whole SSL/TLS for FTP
> thing is 
>  Also see 
> I spent quite a lot of time looking at all this a
> few years ago, and came up 
> with a SSH / Ftp Proxy / FTP server solution. 
> However it is a little complex 
> for the average user, and due to limitations in
> Putty was somewhat unstable 
> on Windows.  The whole TLS FTP thing seems to have
> progressed somewhat since 
> then, and is probably the way to go, but I can send
> you details (offlist) of 
> what I did if you like.
> Cheers,
> Rasjid.
> -- 
> Rasjid Wilcox
> Canberra, Australia  UTC + 10
> http://www.openminddev.net

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