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iriXx dev_null at iriXx.org
Sat May 3 21:27:16 EST 2003

hi, thanks heaps,

yes its the links that arent working.... its weird though, the code is:

<a href="remixes.html" target="mainFrame" 
onMouseOut="MM_nbGroup('out');"><img name="remixes" 
src="images/remixes.png" width="116" height="40" border="0" alt="the 

so in theory this should be okay...

it works fine if i load the page as 
but if i leave the index.html off the end it wont work.....
is this some kind of symlink thing?....



cee wrote:
> i'm assuming your problem is the left-side navigation --
> the links don't work for me.
> the link tag itself isn't set to go anywhere. you need 
> to change it to point to the page you want. for instance
> they now look like this:
> <a href="#" ...
> they need to look like this:
> <a href="remixes.html" ...
> /Cee
> On Saturday 03 May 2003 03:06 pm, iriXx wrote:
>>hi all....
>>got an html question here.... i generated this in dreamweaver (yeah,
>>sorry, slightly OT) because it was quick... but im having problems
>>getting this site to work once its been put on the server. i cant see
>>anything obvious in the html that should be causing this.... can anyone
>>give me an idea of whats wrong?... its going to be linked to by the New
>>York Times so its kinda important!!!

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