[Techtalk] argh please test!

erinn at double-helix.org erinn at double-helix.org
Sat May 3 15:37:33 EST 2003

Quoting iriXx <dev_null at iriXx.org>:

> hi all....
> got an html question here.... i generated this in dreamweaver (yeah,
> sorry, slightly OT) because it was quick... but im having problems 
> getting this site to work once its been put on the server. i cant see
> anything obvious in the html that should be causing this.... can
> anyone 
> give me an idea of whats wrong?... its going to be linked to by the
> New 
> York Times so its kinda important!!!
> http://www.madgelloland.org/irixx/madonna/

What exactly isn't working? All of the rollovers appear to function 
properly (in IE at least - I'm at work so I can't test other browsers.) 
Since they aren't linked to any other sections those aren't really 
testable.. What appears to not be working on your end? As a 
recommendation, though, you should probably make sure you try to 
validate the html in some way. It doesn't appear to have a doctype at 
the beginning. You could always just run it through a validator to see 
what else needs to be validated. Anyhow, could you be more specific 
about what's going wrong?


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