[Techtalk] sharing files - ssh and ftp

kim dang kim_dang1 at yahoo.com
Fri May 2 11:26:54 EST 2003

I would like some suggestion for the following
problems on sharing files.
I would like to share some directories with some users
but I dont want them to be able to roam around.

With ssh there an easy way I can set up the
sshd_config file of Openssh so that users are limited
to say their home directory and the directory /pub

Some users do not need to have a login shell and only
need to be allowed to download. I have seen some
suggestions online to change the /etc/passwd so user
has a "/usr/bin/bash -r" for restricted, but then the
user can not ssh in at all.

Some users should have access to a bash shell and be
able to upload to their home directory. Am I going to
have to use FTP?

Many of these friends of mine are only using a windows
client machine to login, and although I will be able
to get them to install WinSCP client app, there's not
much else i can do.


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