[Techtalk] Re: MS Access --> mysql

Ashima Saigal ashima at npowermichigan.org
Fri May 2 12:55:27 EST 2003


My boss had asked if there was a way to convert an ms access db to mysql.
having dealt with databases before I couldn't give a qualified answer.  So I

am calling on all those db experts out there to ask a few questions.

1.	Is it as simple as exporting in some sort of delimitied file and
into mysql?

	-- that is one way to do it, probably most effective.

2. 	Has anyone ever tried to do this?

	-- not exactly, but ported from MS-ACCESS to MS-SQL or Filemaker Pro
or FoxPro, etc.

3.	Were there any gotchas to look out for?

	-- Make sure you have relatively clean data, no sense porting bad
	-- Check your delimiter!

4.	Is msql relatively close to ms access in behaviour?
	-- MySQL is simply a database, Access is much more, it's an
application environment.
	-- You'll need something to interface with the MySQL database (PHP
perhaps, also could use Perl or Java)

Good luck!

Ashima Saigal
ashima at npowermichigan.org
616-632-1020 (phone) 

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