[Techtalk] External 56k modem

Staci scorcora at wisc.edu
Sun Jun 29 22:38:12 EST 2003

On Mon, 30 Jun 2003, Maria Blackmore wrote:

> Can you install something like minicom to try making it dial by hand?
> First of all, check you can talk to it by just typing "AT" and pressing
> enter, it should answer with "OK"


> You can reset the modem with "ATZ" and get it to dial the number with
> "ATDT" and follow with the number, eg dialling up to where I work would be
> "ATDT08451200387"

Gotcha.  I got it to dial....
Hey, wait, what kinda number is THAT?  Where are you anyway? (If you
don't mind my asking.)

> Eventually, you should see a "CONNECT" from the modem, possibly with a
> speed following it.

But no such luck.
IT doesn't actually connect.
I think that's why I'm not getting any log-messages anywhere.

> At this point you may need to press enter to grab the attention of the
> modem rack that you're dialling into, and persuade it to give you a login
> prompt instead of waiting for a PPP sequence.  You can then use the
> account name and password to log in.  If you log in succesfully, you will
> see a whole big bunch of apparently random characters come back at you,
> which is the modem rack trying to start a PPP session.  If you don't log
> in succesfully, it will either ask you to reenter your details or just
> drop the connection.  In either case, it should prove to be useful
> information.
> > Using KPPP it just resets and tries to redial, using WvDial it "times
> > out" and then can't seem to get a dial-tone to try again.
> Have you verified this with a phone on the same line?

Um no...didn't think of it.
That's a good idea, I should work on it this week. (I'm taking a really
nasty summer-session class that keeps me very busy.)

> > I did try setting the kppp timeout to some huge ungodly number of
> > minutes, but it didn't help.

> > I can get another modem but it'll be a hassle and I'd much rather make
> > this one work. :/
> Just out of interest, what sort of modem is it?

The one I've got?
CNET V90/56k fax-modem, exterial serial.

The one I could get....well, there've been many offers, from fellow
geeks who have 56k dustcatchers laying around at home. ;)


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